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About us

MY Sardines is a subsidiary of Luxfactory Group, a well established Management Consulting company in Luxembourg chaired by Jérôme Grandidier.

How ICO Works

An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a subscription during a given period, in this case from January 8 midnight to April 1, 2020. With most of the money raised (more than 75%) the company buys cans of 2020 vintage sardines from the best producers. The rest is used to pay the operating costs, storage and insurance of the sardine cans. Once all the sardine cans are purchased, we create SardineCoins called SARD2020 for each can of sardines purchased. The SARD2020  are vintage and are distributed in proportion to the investment of each one, a small part being kept by the company to ensure liquidity. The company will also invest up to 2.5% of the money raised in the MY Sardines foundation to protect the planet and the animal world.

What's a SARD2020 worth

The SARD2020 is the digital twin of a 2020 sardine can. Once the SARDs are distributed (by September 30, 2020 at the latest) and for a renewable period of 10 years, you will be able to exchange your SARD2020 for a real can of sardines vintage 2020. The SARD is a stablecoin that keeps its value all its life a SARD2020=a tin of sardines vintage 2020. This is the easiest way to take a first step into the world of crypto.

Can I sell my SARDs for money

MY Sardines will offer to buy back cans of vintage sardines on an exchange platform (planned in Q4 2020). In practice in one operation you will be able to transform your SARD into a tin of Sardines and resell it to MY Sardines at a price that will evolve over time. The SARD quotation will be updated at least every month. We are currently negotiating to list the SARD2020 on an exchange so that you can exchange it for cash or other crypto-money at any time and on a free market.

Why buy SARDs instead of cans of sardines?

The first reason is that when you buy SARDs you benefit from the more advantageous conditions negotiated by MY Sardines with the luxury canneries and you have access to special limited edition series

On the other hand if one day you wish to resell your cans of sardines it will be much easier to do it automatically on our platform (planned Q4 2020) than to sell your cans yourself, find buyers and pay each time the shipping costs for each shipment.

How to get my cans delivered

Once the tokens are issued, on our website you can easily check your SARD balance (as well as on other independent sites) and you can request to receive your tins of sardines.

You can then easily decide on our site to come and collect them free of charge from our head office at 47, Boulevard Joseph II L-1840 Luxembourg (either directly from the Stock for large volumes), or have them sent to you on payment of the transport costs and optional transport insurance.