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About us

MySardines is a cryptocurrency investment platform, a subsidiary of Luxfactory Group, a well-established management consulting company in Luxembourg.

How ICO Works ?

An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a subscription during a given period, MySardines organises one ICO per year. With most of the money raised - more than 75% - the company trades and buys cans of vintage sardines from the best French and Portuguese producers. The rest is used to pay for the running costs, storage and insurance of the sardine tins. Once all the cans of sardines have been purchased, we create Sardcoins - called SARDs - for each can of sardines purchased and with the principle that one SARD = one can of vintage sardines. The SARDs are then distributed in proportion to each person's investment.

What's a SARD worth ?

SARD is the digital twin of a vintage sardine can. Since a can of vintage sardines increases in value by 15-30% each year, your Sardcoin does the same and your investment pays off. As an example, a vintage can from 2005 sold for about 60 euros on Ebay recently. This box was worth about 2 euros when purchased 16 years ago, and is very hard to find now.

Once the SARDs are distributed and for a renewable period of 10 years, you can exchange your SARD for a real can of vintage sardines. By definition, SARDs are a corner-based asset that retain their value for life. It is the easiest way to take your first step into the world of cryptocurrencies.

Can I sell my SARDs for money ?

MySardines will offer to buy back vintage sardine cans on a marketplace (planned for 2022). In one transaction, you will be able to transform your SARD into a can of sardines and sell it back to MySardines at a price that will increase over time. Discussions are underway with the canneries to obtain a price for vintage sardines. We are currently negotiating to list SARD2015 on an exchange platform so that you can trade it for cash or another crypto-currency on a permanent basis and in an open market.

Why buy SARDs instead of cans of sardines ?

The first point is that by buying SARDs you benefit from better conditions negotiated by MySardines with the canneries and special series in very limited editions that will not be available through any other channel.

On the other hand, if one day you want to sell your cans of sardines, it will be much easier to do it automatically on our trading platform - soon available - than to sell your cans yourself and pay the shipping costs for each shipment.

How to get my cans delivered ?

Once the tokens have been issued on our website, you will be able to easily consult your SARD balance (as well as on other independent sites such as and you will be able to request the collection of your sardine cans.


You can then easily decide on our website to come and pick them up for free at our head office, 47 Boulevard Joseph II L-1840 Luxembourg, or arrange or request for them to be sent to your home against payment of transport costs and optional transport insurance, all at your expense.

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