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The concept of MySardines is to create the digital twin of a physical object whose provenance, storage and existence are guaranteed.
If sardine cans are the first assets we decided to tokenise, our ambition is to regularly create other luxury products that will have the ability to appreciate over time so that people can acquire them in peace and quiet and exchange them in the most secure (we only work with producers) and least expensive way possible, as the product will only leave storage the day someone wants to use it.
This concept of a digital duplicate of a physical object brings cryptocurrency into a new era, one that we are pioneering.

The vintage sardines purchased by MySardines come from the largest canneries in the world and are subject to rigorous conservation.


The specificity of these cans of sardines is that they have a long shelf life and that they improve with time, just like good wines. During storage, the cans are turned twice a year to ensure optimal oil distribution. With time, the central ridge disappears, the flesh becomes candied and the flavours are enhanced. For decades, the most discerning gourmets have been jealously guarding them so that they can be tasted at the right moment: that is, ideally after the ten-year anniversary of their canning. Today, MySardines introduces you to this exceptional dish.


With MySardines, you can either have the tins delivered to your home - as soon as the tokens are issued - to enjoy them, or you can sell them.

MySardines issues a stablecoin based on cans of vintage sardines

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