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After the global launch of SardineCoin, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on January 8, 2020, MY Sardines continues to do one ICO per year and per vintage. Fans of new technologies who wish to become a member of the very exclusive club of “sardinophiles” can already purchase old vintages . The particularity of this product is that it improves over time and increases in value by up to 30% each year. Or how to reconcile gourmets and investors around an exceptional product

MY Sardines

Subsidiary of Luxfactory group, MY Sardines created on 24/1/2017 in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, is the specialist in the tokenization of vouchers for collectibles.

The concept

Preserving sardines is an art. Although the optimal temperature zone is quite wide, they must be turned over every 6 months to mix the oil well with the fish. Over the years, the central edge disappears, the flesh becomes candied and the flavors are enhanced. These exceptional sardines are produced each year in reduced numbers by large canneries such as La Conserveira de Lisboa, La perle Des Dieux or even La Compagnie bretonne, La Pointe de Penmarc'h or Pinhais. For decades, the most gourmets have guarded them jealously and discreetly to enjoy them just in time: that is to say ideally after the tenth anniversary of canning.

MY Sardines is based on a completely innovative principle. An investor can purchase SardineCoins. The value of the SardineCoin is equivalent to a can of vintage sardines (hence the term stable coin), a product which has the advantage of being accessible and which historically sees its value increase significantly during the first years of conservation. For example, a vintage box dating from 2005 sold for 56 euros on Ebay at the end of 2019. This box was worth around 2 euros when purchased 14 years ago, and is very difficult to find now.

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